WYD Pets

28 08 2008

Newbcake gets a pet?


Trip to Snow Town

27 08 2008

First Blood in Erion

26 08 2008

Alia’s tax saga got me rofl’d big time and so i made this bloody adventure like a continuation =D

Groovin with CM’s

23 08 2008

I was suddenly warped to this place with 2 strange people,
an orange dude(Garfield?) and a Huge lady!
And here’s what happened-

Then the Huge Lady-

Jewel In WYD

21 08 2008

nyx’s banner looks very familiar and its bcoz of this!

she’s the jewel in the palace! =D

WYD pickup lines

20 08 2008

Here’s some wyd pickup lines that would SURELY PHAIL!

“Beast unleashed”

“Love pots”

“Love Channel”

Dont ever try it or you’ll end up looking like this:

Newbcake and the Queen!

16 08 2008

In this episode newbcake meets the Queen… =D

“Queen of Armia”