Way back into blog~

3 09 2008

I missed the first day like always XD

Well newbcake is having some trouble thinking about what she learned in season 1.

But me, the one behind the monitor certainly learned something,
And its to Never Use Laks Ever Again!ZOMG! I should have sell those laks instead of wasting it T_T
Well shit happens and im really a noob, just started playing last july. But anyway its not really the prize that I enjoyed the most in this event but the joy of blogging, and also reading others blog when I have nothing to do here in the office, the blogs i enjoyed the most is alia, soloran, cooldude and mstrfoema’s, their blogs are really a GOOD read, I visit ur blogs almost everyday =D. And oh, during the 2nd week of the 1st season i didnt think that i would win at the end coz of these people and becoz its also stated that there will only be THREE 3 winners right?

So im so glad to be one of the winners.

I really glad i joined, coz I’m now officially hooked in blogging that i also read other stuffs not related to wyd, Its like reading a book with some random stories, and i miss reading a lot, like what i did during my college days taking a break in the library coz its airconditioned =D

About what to expect about my blog, well i really hate the word ‘expect’ coz there’s like this powerful force around me that everytime I expect something its doomed not to happen XD
so anyway expect the unexpected =)




2 responses

3 09 2008

haha. i always visit your blog for your uber leet comics too newbcaKe and i hope you lemme know ur main one day. HAHAHAHA.


3 09 2008

lol ur fast! Actually newbcake is now my main coz i deleted my other chars due to frustration of wrong build! lol
well its ok coz im just beginning to enjoy coz i want to someday wear this isis bow lol =D

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