Photoshop =)

4 09 2008

I just want to share some wonders of a photoshop that would help wydian bloggers to improve their design, layouts, posts and anything visually good (an eyecatching that is, or makes you able to stare and read the contents for awhile). Ive seen some blogs that i cant stand to read coz of the hot bright colors, Super Big Fonts zomg!,some are’nt even a blog but a website(cant post coz theres no comments section XD) and some, very plain it does’nt even have a banner =(
They could just have used some blogging sites with decent default layouts like what the majority is using “wordpress”.

Im just gonna show what a photoshop can do, im not gonna make tutorials thatll be a very long guide XD, anyway its just like paint if youll just be doing basic stuff, youll just be able to draw ‘smoother’ graphics.

Like This sample

Photoshop VS Paint

And here’s a screenshot of a free software called “Gimp”

Check it out and youll see that its similar to paint =D, the installer is only 14mb and you can download it here

Try to experiment on it for awhile and have fun with it.

See the Layers on the right side?(the Background,Pasted Layer#2,New Layer) Those layers are very handy like when drawing and coloring.
Here’s a sample of what I can do with it =)

Here you can see that the outline, skin color and suit color are separated, so its easy to color things and not disturbing the other parts. This one i made years ago using a mouse to draw. Thats all i can say about photoshop i hope u get a grasp of what a photoshop can do.

Hmm is there something missing here? =D Well i dont wanna talk about that, let the others do it ;]




4 responses

4 09 2008

Nice blog, I can tell you have the knack for drawing. I wish I had that skill. I took a sketching class in college and Im lucky enough to have passed it with a C. :D

5 09 2008
5 09 2008

wow nice info. ty

hope this will help others too. thank you

5 09 2008

Sweetness. i downloaded the GIMP already but i dont really know how to use it lol. gave it like 10 minutes and gave up LOL.

such a sucker at image editting >_<


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