Chibi CMs lol

14 09 2008

I couldnt wait anylonger for that fanart event =D

I scanned and colored this sketch i made weeks ago.

This pose is just so cute >,< its from an anime called luckystar, but i dont watch that show, anyway its a story about an otaku girl lol and her friends so theres four of them which made me think of drawing this with newbcake and the cm’s and thats also why cm-aruman isnt there =D

I have another version of this with cmdhar as the bigbadcat but I like the valkyrie one coz its more funnier doing that giggle pose =D

This fanart shows one of the reasons why i love playing wyd global (Friendly CMs GMs), compared to other mmos their cms and gms rarely go socialize with players unlike here in wyd where i think they show up everyday in events or just in towns. So the question of “Who’s the Best Community Manager OR Game Master I’ve ever known?” well i think all of them as a whole brings out the best! =)




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15 09 2008
CM Dhar


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