Monday Night Blog

22 09 2008

This post is kinda late, but anyway been busy since friday with the modified exp rates, Ive been lvl grinding to the max! nahhhh.. not really, coz of the insane x4 exp for mortals I joined an M share and lvl’d from 351 – 400 in an instant XD

I went out for break and when i got back i saw the ++LEVEL UP++ go poof! only one level to go! I think there’s 5 scrolls left when i got to 400 =D

So im gonna be a gOD soon XD i hope someone would write about an in-depth Hunter Guide =)
ive always been a hunter enthusiast, coz bows look so cool =D

Ohh and here i finally got an 8th skill so im having a lot of screenshot mode =D

And i thought of showing it to cm-superman XD

Too bad this wings are useless, their just bling blingz =D
It may have been better if the wings were visible until the skills duration.




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