Newb Challenge

24 09 2008

Today Ive been exploring the wyd world and this is the first time i ever got to the deepest part of the maps =D and to my surprise i can survive most of them now (but still to bad coz i cant afk in most of them and its tiring to play manually coz it takes forever for item drops XD)

First is these snow monsters ;) I remember when i first explored these area when npc July is still in azran, Like the other games Ive played I explore first and listing up my goals that someday ill easily slay these monsters!

Then I challenged these desert monsters, not just tarons!

Next is this famous one called RB

Actually this one took a while before I got a screenshot where it misses =D coz this guy just one hit me and i dont see how much damage it does, I was like wtf? and this is the one that drops unicorn spirit with like .01 chance? There’s no way im gonna hunt them XD

And next is kephra dungeon… When I got inside there was so many people, then when I stepped out of the safe area celestials just pk’d me XD and I found out that its generals time… lol, so my screenshot session ended that time coz i need to go home =D




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