Hide and Seek Twist

25 09 2008

CMDhar plotting another evil plan… too bad it won’t work for newbcaKe

I really like this twisted hide and seek coz now its much easier than those clueless clues, even though I only won once XD. Today I nearly won in the 3rd round where cmdhar is a wolf in armia, he’s already beside me and when im about to click him he walked away XD

I noticed that things get better and better every month so Im thinking of what would be the event for october maybe its gonna be a Party! coz its October Fest! Maybe instead of water’s party, we’ll be having beer’s party instead, everyone will get too much exp that theyll get drunk coz of it, and after the event we will all know that its just imaginary exp and all lvls made is just temporary and will roll back XD




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