29 10 2008



23 10 2008

Ta Ma Go “egg”

20 10 2008

Money Cube FTW?

18 10 2008

++Please make sure that your floor is clean before rofl’ing++

Got the idea from the poverty trivia ^^
Instead of eradication, lets spread it! =D

.1% inspiration 99.9% perspiration

16 10 2008

HellGirl Season3!

13 10 2008

Just posting up this hellgirl speed painting XD, hurray for hell girl season 3! I haven’t watched it yet though, im gonna start watching it maybe next month coz there’s still a lot of other anime episodes left on my watchlist XD.


3 10 2008

Yesterday while I was hunting sephira ore’s I was suddenly summoned to participate in this Pig Race =D, but its ok coz it was worth the fun and we get a lak trophy =D, it also helped me ease my frustration that day due to I was hunting for ores all day, coz I want to make a sephirot asap!

But enough of this pig race, Im here to blog about my rebirth! coz I just made my god today, I could have done it yesterday but I was short of gold bcoz I bought “Something” which is “Really Cheap” (the seller made a mistake in selling, bought it for 4m instead of 40m =D, anyway its not really a big deal item XD), and so I was short of gold bcoz of that, so I vend overnight hoping that when I wakeup, ill have 30m and ill finally be able to make a sephirot and transcend to gOD! And thankGod my autotrade was sold out =D

Who wouldn’t do screenshot sessions during their final quest as a mortal.. I bet every wydian have something like this inside their screenshot folder =D, as Im a sentimental person I like to keep things like this, it would be a great kodak moment and also a good thing to blog about =D

No boots XD walking my first steps in armia town like a baby

So here’s the not so newb in town, lvl1 again XD the only thing that’s good is I get free buffs again =D