3 10 2008

Yesterday while I was hunting sephira ore’s I was suddenly summoned to participate in this Pig Race =D, but its ok coz it was worth the fun and we get a lak trophy =D, it also helped me ease my frustration that day due to I was hunting for ores all day, coz I want to make a sephirot asap!

But enough of this pig race, Im here to blog about my rebirth! coz I just made my god today, I could have done it yesterday but I was short of gold bcoz I bought “Something” which is “Really Cheap” (the seller made a mistake in selling, bought it for 4m instead of 40m =D, anyway its not really a big deal item XD), and so I was short of gold bcoz of that, so I vend overnight hoping that when I wakeup, ill have 30m and ill finally be able to make a sephirot and transcend to gOD! And thankGod my autotrade was sold out =D

Who wouldn’t do screenshot sessions during their final quest as a mortal.. I bet every wydian have something like this inside their screenshot folder =D, as Im a sentimental person I like to keep things like this, it would be a great kodak moment and also a good thing to blog about =D

No boots XD walking my first steps in armia town like a baby

So here’s the not so newb in town, lvl1 again XD the only thing that’s good is I get free buffs again =D


The PK Zone

27 09 2008

The other day I challenged monsters all around the continent of Khersuph and it was…

Thats the end of it coz there’s still a lot of mobs that I cant kill XD
Next I thought of testing my strength in the pkzone and it was fun coz now i can kill a lot inside =D

I enjoyed pk’ng coz some of them are bully’s who pk my other chars in the past, so i let them taste my wooden bow and have a sweet revenge =D

Dont we all have this goal in mind? To be stronger, get revenge, dominate! but of course there is always ups and downs.

Hide and Seek Twist

25 09 2008

CMDhar plotting another evil plan… too bad it won’t work for newbcaKe

I really like this twisted hide and seek coz now its much easier than those clueless clues, even though I only won once XD. Today I nearly won in the 3rd round where cmdhar is a wolf in armia, he’s already beside me and when im about to click him he walked away XD

I noticed that things get better and better every month so Im thinking of what would be the event for october maybe its gonna be a Party! coz its October Fest! Maybe instead of water’s party, we’ll be having beer’s party instead, everyone will get too much exp that theyll get drunk coz of it, and after the event we will all know that its just imaginary exp and all lvls made is just temporary and will roll back XD

Newb Challenge

24 09 2008

Today Ive been exploring the wyd world and this is the first time i ever got to the deepest part of the maps =D and to my surprise i can survive most of them now (but still to bad coz i cant afk in most of them and its tiring to play manually coz it takes forever for item drops XD)

First is these snow monsters ;) I remember when i first explored these area when npc July is still in azran, Like the other games Ive played I explore first and listing up my goals that someday ill easily slay these monsters!

Then I challenged these desert monsters, not just tarons!

Next is this famous one called RB

Actually this one took a while before I got a screenshot where it misses =D coz this guy just one hit me and i dont see how much damage it does, I was like wtf? and this is the one that drops unicorn spirit with like .01 chance? There’s no way im gonna hunt them XD

And next is kephra dungeon… When I got inside there was so many people, then when I stepped out of the safe area celestials just pk’d me XD and I found out that its generals time… lol, so my screenshot session ended that time coz i need to go home =D

Newbs Life

23 09 2008

Now that Superman is in wyd im gonna be the “Lex Looter” yeah that’s right, LOOTER! =D

Looting maybe a disgraceful act to others, but its a fast way of earning some gold!
For me its faster rather than farming for tickets and selling them for hours :O

I often do this when I need some gold fast, like when Im short of 1mil to buy something, I immediately go to desert and loot stuffs lying around afk’s. Its easy money and sometimes I get perfect stat armors! I sell normal stats to npc immediately and autotrade perfect stats for like 3-5mil so its easy money! Even if there’s only crap armors, with a hunter’s hard sale skill Its easy to earn a mil.

Monday Night Blog

22 09 2008

This post is kinda late, but anyway been busy since friday with the modified exp rates, Ive been lvl grinding to the max! nahhhh.. not really, coz of the insane x4 exp for mortals I joined an M share and lvl’d from 351 – 400 in an instant XD

I went out for break and when i got back i saw the ++LEVEL UP++ go poof! only one level to go! I think there’s 5 scrolls left when i got to 400 =D

So im gonna be a gOD soon XD i hope someone would write about an in-depth Hunter Guide =)
ive always been a hunter enthusiast, coz bows look so cool =D

Ohh and here i finally got an 8th skill so im having a lot of screenshot mode =D

And i thought of showing it to cm-superman XD

Too bad this wings are useless, their just bling blingz =D
It may have been better if the wings were visible until the skills duration.

WYD inkblot test!

18 09 2008

Nahh! for now im just an average gamer =) im still discovering and experiencing lots of things.

But if one started dreaming stuffs about wyd or when you close your eyes, your gonna see monster mobs with lots of numbers and crits… lol.

Well, that’s where i know im addicted to something like when i got addicted to dancedance revo I see arrows and the song keeps playing in my mind when im about to go sleep XD. This happens to all games i got addicted and its bad coz its hard to sleep.

Edit: just adding this random pic that made me LOLerbladez

This sprite animation is just wrong XD